Master of Health (Research Studies)/PhD (4681)

CRICOS Code: 071122B

Program Status: 

This program applies to students who commenced in 2010 or later.

The Master of Health (Research Studies)/PhD program is designed for professionals working in a variety of settings including health care services, hospitals, the aged care sector and community organisations, enabling them to effectively assess and respond to emerging health planning and management issues. It allows students to undertake coursework study in areas of discipline specific interest as well as providing appropriate research skills training.

The Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) component provides training and education with the objective of producing graduates with the capacity to conduct research independently at a high level of originality and quality. A PhD candidate should uncover new knowledge either by the discovery of new facts, the formulation of theories or the innovative re-interpretation of known data and established ideas.

Study Mode

Four and a half years full-time (one and a half years for the Master of Health (Research Studies) plus three years for the PhD).

Program Advice

Prospective students should visit the following websites for general enquiries about this program.

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Campus Attendance Mode Advice
Parramatta Campus - Victoria Road Full Time Internal See above


This program is only available to International students. Please contact the Program Advisor for further information.

Program Structure

The Master of Health (Research Studies)/PhD degree will include a 120 credit point Master degree that has a research training component of one third (40 credit points) with a coursework component of discipline based content of two thirds (80 credit points).

The PhD component of the program will be completed according to the current Doctor of Philosophy policy.

The program will comprise the following

  • Core Subjects - 30 credit points
  • Research Training - 40 credit points
  • Alternate Health subjects - 40 credit points
  • One Elective subject - 10 credit points

Students must successfully complete the following

Subject Title Credit Points
Core Subjects
PUBH 7012Health Economics and Comparative Health Systems10
PUBH 7017Leadership and the Development of Organisational Capacity10
PUBH 7022Public Health, Policy and Society10
Research Training Component
AGEN 7005Research Protocol Design and Practice10
HLTH 7014Professional Topic10
NATS 7044Science and Health Research Project PG20
Alternate Health Subjects
Select 40 credit points of the following:40
A Global Perspective on Social Determinants of Health
PUBH 7004
Epidemiology and Quantitative Methods
Evidence Based Health Care
Health Advancement and Health Promotion
Health and Socio-political Issues in Aged Care
Health Workforce Planning
Occupational Health Management
Safety and Risk Management
Surveillance and Disaster Planning
Select one elective subject10
Total Credit Points120

Note: Enrolment in subjects other than those listed above for the Master of Health (Research Studies) portion may be possible with Director of Academic Program permission.

In order for students to progress into the PhD research program, they must have an average grade of 75 percent or greater across all subjects and have obtained a subject grade of greater than 74 percent for NATS 7044 Science and Health Research Project PG. The required research HRD documentation will be assessed by the Health and Science Research and Higher Degree Committee.

As part of this evaluation, successful candidature will be dependent on the availability of appropriate topics and available supervision. In order to facilitate this transition, students will be given ongoing academic advice regarding potential doctoral projects during the program of their Master’s study.

Equivalent Subject

The equivalent subject listed below counts toward completion of this program for students who passed this subject in 2018 or earlier. 

AGEN 7003 - Evidence Based Health Care, replaced by AGEN 7005 Research Protocol Design and Practice