Architecture, Major (0227)

  • Western Sydney University Major Code: 0227

Previous Code:  M3127.1

Available to students in other Western Sydney University programs?  No


Campus Mode Advice
Parramatta Campus - Victoria Road Internal A/Professor Mary Hardie

Major Structure

Students must complete 80 credit points as follows

Plan of Study Grid
Year 2
Autumn sessionCredit Points
HUMN 1008 Cities: Introduction to Urban Studies 10
ENGR 1038 Design Graphics: Presenting Innovation 10
 Credit Points20
Spring session
ARCH 2002 Architecture Studio - Fundamentals of Digital Design 20
 Credit Points20
Year 3
Spring session
ARCH 2001 Architecture Studio - Fundamentals of Analogue Design 20
ARCH 4001 Architecture Studio: Urban Architecture 20
 Credit Points40
 Total Credit Points80


Elective recommendations are available in the program vUWS page which students will have access to after enrolling. Other electives considered in consultation with an Academic Program Advisor