Immersion Language, Minor (0014)

  • Western Sydney University Minor Code: 0014

Previous Code: SM1128.1

Available to students in other Western Sydney University Programs:  Yes.  Check that your program has the available credit points required to complete the subjects in this field of study. Any requisite requirements must also be met. Consult your Program Advisor for further advice.

This minor is designed for students wanting to learn a language through an in-country experience. Living in a foreign country, learning the formalities of the language, studying its society and culture, and interacting with the local people on a daily basis enables a student to develop confidence in the use of the language. Students will develop an appropriate level of proficiency in a second language that may be used for professional purposes such as teaching, business or international relations. Students undertaking this language specialisation will be able to use the language in question according to basic grammatical and pragmatic principles, communicate with native speakers appropriately in the spoken as well as the written mode, and demonstrate an understanding of the cultures and societies associated with the language. This minor covers languages that are not taught at Western Sydney University and must be studied as part of an approved study abroad programme in the country where the language studied is one of the nominated national spoken and written languages.


Campus Mode Advice
Bankstown City Campus External
Parramatta Campus - Victoria Road External
Penrith Campus External

Minor Structure

Students would be eligible for this minor after having successfully completed 40 credit points from the following Language and Society and Culture subjects.

Subject Title Credit Points
Language Subjects
Complete two subjects of formal language study selected from the following:20
Immersion Language Beginner 101
Immersion Language Beginner 102
Immersion Language Heritage Background 201
Immersion Language Heritage Background 202
Immersion Language Native Speaker 301
Immersion Language Native Speaker 302
Society and Culture Subjects
Complete the following two subjects of study related to the society and culture of the country in which the language is being studied. These subjects may be taught in English or the local language. The areas covered may be practical or theoretical in topics such as history, geography, politics, art, drama, film, cultural studies.20
Immersion Society and Culture 301
Immersion Society and Culture 302
Total Credit Points40