Graduate Diploma in Educational Studies (Secondary) (exit only) (1715)

  • Approved Abbreviation: GradDipEdSt(Sec)
  • Western Sydney University Program Code: 1715
  • AQF Level: 8

CRICOS Code: 0101775

The Graduate Diploma in Educational Studies (Secondary) is an exit point on completion of 80 credit points of study (excluding Professional Practice subjects) selected from the 1714 - Master of Teaching (Secondary) subjects. Please note, this is not a teaching qualification.

Master of Teaching (Secondary)

Program Advice

Dr Jose Hanham

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Campus Attendance Mode Advice
Penrith Campus Full Time Internal See above
Penrith Campus Part Time Internal See above


This is an exit point only from 1714 - Master of Teaching (Secondary).

Program Structure

Qualification for this award requires the successful completion of 80 credit points - any eight subjects from those listed below.

Subject Title Credit Points
TEAC 7001Aboriginal & Culturally Responsive Pedagogies10
TEAC 7004Adolescent Development and Teaching10
TEAC 7027Designing Teaching and Learning10
TEAC 7032Diversity, Social Justice and Learning10
TEAC 7082Pedagogy for Positive Learning Environments10
TEAC 7153Inclusive Education: Principles and Practices10
TEAC 7108Professional Practice Community Engagement10
TEAC 7154Professional Experience 110
Students who have satisfied the NESA undergraduate subject content requirements, can undertake the following Curriculum subjects.
Autumn offerings
TEAC 5005English Curriculum 110
TEAC 5007English Curriculum 310
TEAC 5001Aboriginal Studies Curriculum 110
TEAC 5013History Curriculum 110
TEAC 5011HSIE Curriculum 310
TEAC 5009Geography Curriculum 110
TEAC 5003Business Studies/Commerce Curriculum 110
TEAC 5024Music Curriculum 110
TEAC 5026Music Curriculum 310
TEAC 5036Technology Curriculum 110
TEAC 5038Technology Curriculum 310
TEAC 5028PDHPE Curriculum 110
TEAC 5030PDHPE Curriculum 310
TEAC 5015Languages Curriculum 110
TEAC 5017Languages Curriculum 310
TEAC 5019Mathematics Curriculum 110
TEAC 5021Mathematics Curriculum 310
TEAC 5032Science Curriculum 110
TEAC 5034Science Curriculum 310
Spring offerings
TEAC 5006English Curriculum 210
TEAC 5008English Curriculum 410
TEAC 5014History Curriculum 210
TEAC 5012HSIE Curriculum 410
TEAC 5010Geography Curriculum 210
TEAC 5002Aboriginal and Society Studies Curriculum 210
TEAC 5004Business Studies/Legal Studies/Economics Curriculum 210
TEAC 5025Music Curriculum 210
TEAC 5027Music Curriculum 410
TEAC 5037Technology Curriculum 210
TEAC 5039Technology Curriculum 410
TEAC 5029PDHPE Curriculum 210
TEAC 5031PDHPE Curriculum 410
TEAC 5016Languages Curriculum 210
TEAC 5018Languages Curriculum 410
TEAC 5020Mathematics Curriculum 210
TEAC 5022Mathematics Curriculum 410
TEAC 5033Science Curriculum 210
TEAC 5035Science Curriculum 410