Graduate Diploma in Artificial Intelligence (exit only)

  • Approved Abbreviation: GDArtifIntel
  • Western Sydney University Program Code: 3766
  • AQF Level: 8

CRICOS Code: 0101784

The program is an early exit point from Master of Artificial Intelligence

Study Mode

One year full-time, two years part-time

Program Advice

Professor Yan Zhang

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Campus Attendance Mode Advice
Parramatta Campus - Victoria Road Full Time Internal See above
Parramatta Campus - Victoria Road Part Time Internal See above


This program is an early exit point only.

Students enrol in Master of Artificial Intelligence and exit with the Graduate Diploma in Artificial Intelligence.

Qualification for this award requires the successful completion of 80 credit points which include the subjects listed in the recommended sequence below.

Recommended Sequence

Plan of Study Grid
Year 1
Autumn sessionCredit Points
COMP 7025 Social Media Intelligence 10
COMP 7022 Natural Language Understanding 10
COMP 7019 Applied Machine Learning 10
COMP 7003 Big Data 10
At this point, students can exit with a Graduate Certificate in Artificial Intelligence  
 Credit Points40
Spring session
COMP 7021 Knowledge Representation and Reasoning 10
INFO 7002 Advanced Topics in Artificial Intelligence 10
COMP 7020 Artificial Intelligence Ethics and Organisations 10
Select one alternate subject 10
 Credit Points40
 Total Credit Points80

Alternate Subjects

Subject Title Credit Points
Advanced Topics in Cybersecurity
Advanced Topics in Networking
Advanced Topics in User System Interaction
Applied Cybersecurity
Cloud Systems Development
Cloud Computing
Cyber Justice (PG)
Data Science
Foundations of Media Arts Production (PG)
Global Digital Futures
Internet of Things
Mobile Computing
Mobile Media
Multimedia Communication Systems
Predictive Analytics
Programming for Data Science
Researching Convergent Media
Software Testing and Automation
Systems and Network Security
The Nature of Data
Wireless Networking
Web Engineering

Exit Awards

Note: Students may exit with Graduate Certificate in Artificial Intelligence (40 credit points) on completion of the relevant subjects as specified in the program structure. 

Replaced Subjects

The subjects listed below count towards completion of this program for students who passed these subjects in 2020 or earlier. 

INFO 7008 - Modern Software Architectures, replaced by INFO 7018 Cloud Systems Development

The subjects listed below count towards completion of this program for students who passed these subjects in 2021 or earlier.  

MATH 7011 Predictive Analytics, replaced by  COMP 7023 Predictive Analytics