NATS 0018 Science for Health Science (WSTC Prep)

Credit Points 10

Legacy Code 700059

Coordinator Virginia Shepherd Opens in new window

Description From 2015, this subject is replaced by 700190 - Fundamentals of Health Science (UWSCFS). The depth of knowledge and practical skills required by health professionals in the 21st century are very different to that which were required in the past. Medical treatment of illness and disease has become increasingly technical and health professionals are expected to work in partnership in determining patient care. In order to achieve this, today's health professional must have a basic understanding of the fundamental scientific principles behind both the diseases and their treatments. Increasingly, modern health science is concerned with maintaining health as a way of preventing disease and this is achieved through a holistic approach to the human state. This course is an introduction to the basic concepts in physics, chemistry and biology that will be required in order to commence any tertiary health science course.

School Western Sydney The College

Student Contribution Band HECS Band 2 10cp

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Level Undergraduate Level 0 Preparatory subject

Equivalent Subjects NATS 0006 - Fundamentals of Health Science (WSTC Prep) NATS 0017 - Science for Health Science (UWSC) LGYB 1383 - Science for Nursing (UWSC) NATS 0016 - Science for Health Professionals (WSTC)


The following table summarises the standard assessment tasks for this subject. Please note this is a guide only. Assessment tasks are regularly updated, where there is a difference your Learning Guide takes precedence.

Type Length Percent Threshold Individual/Group Task
Data Analysis 1 hour 15 N Individual
Mid Term Exam 1 hour 20 N Individual
Body System Assessment - Test 1 hour 20 N Individual
Final Exam 3 hours 45 N Individual

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