Mathematics, Major (0059)

  • Western Sydney University Major Code: 0059

Previous Code: M3054.1

Available to students in other Western Sydney University Programs:  Yes.  Check that your program has the available credit points required to complete the subjects in this field of study. Any requisite requirements must also be met. Consult your Program Advisor for further advice.

Mathematics is essential for modelling phenomena in various fields, so many employers these days set a lot of store by mathematical skills.  This major covers some basics, but it also allows you to choose topics on which you want to focus.  No matter what your area of study is, if you have an interest in mathematics, this major gives you the opportunity to use the elective space in your program to pick up additional skills that will be useful throughout your career.  Prospective teachers can tailor this major to meet the NESA requirements for “Mathematics” as first teaching area.


Campus Mode Advice
Campbelltown Campus Internal
Parramatta Campus - Victoria Road Internal

Major Structure

Students must complete a total of eight subjects at Levels 1, 2, and 3, including no more than three subjects at Level 1 and at least three subjects at Level 3, taking into account any prerequisite requirements of individual subjects.

Subject Title Credit Points
Level 1
No more than three subjects at Level 1 may be included.
Discrete Mathematics
MATH 1014Mathematics 1A10
MATH 1015Mathematics 1B10
MATH 1028Statistical Decision Making10
Level 2
Advanced Calculus
Differential Equations
MATH 2010Linear Algebra10
COMP 2023Mathematical Programming10
Level 3
At least three subjects at Level 3 must be included.
Mathematical Modelling
MATH 3015Groups and Symmetry10
MATH 3013Fields and Equations10
MATH 3012Combinatorics10
Total Credit Points80