Music Performance, Minor (0023)

  • Western Sydney University Minor Code: 0023

Previous Code: SM1017.1

Available to students in other Western Sydney University programs?  No

Please note: this minor is available only to students enrolled in programs 1659 Bachelor of Music, 1738 Bachelor of Music (Dean's Scholars) and 1841 Bachelor of Music/Bachelor of Creative Industries.

The Music Performance minor offers students opportunities to expand and refine their performance practice. Through group rehearsal and performance, the two second-year subjects explore musical collaboration as performer-performer, and as performer-composer. Through student-devised projects, the two third-year subjects encourage engagement with theatrical, multimedia and/or electroacoustic elements as featured performer. In the capstone subject, students are challenged to present work of substantial duration that is industry-ready, drawing on skills from the rest of the minor. Aspects of onstage skills, performance persona, repertoire and interpretation, and audience communication are addressed. Subjects require writing about performance through project proposals, reflective and contextual essays, and an industry pitch. Students receive, and develop the capacity to give constructive feedback during workshops in each subject.


Campus Mode Advice
Penrith Campus Internal

Minor Structure

Students must complete the following four subjects

Subject Title Credit Points
PERF 2016Music Group Performance10
PERF 3030Performing as a Professional Musician10
PERF 2023The Composer-Performer10
PERF 3028Expanded Performance10
Total Credit Points40

Equivalent Subjects

The subjects listed below count towards completion of this minor for students who passed these subjects in 2021 or earlier.

PERF 2003 - Collaboration and Live Music Performance
PERF 3007 - Expanded Music Performance
PERF 3027 - Interactive Electronic Media and Performance
PERF 3011 - Music Performance: Repertoire and Identity
PERF 3021 - Repertoire and Identity in Performance
PERF 3025 - Sound and Performance: Expanded Practice