Statistics, Minor (0148)

  • Western Sydney University Minor Code: 0148

Available to students in other Western Sydney University Programs:  Yes.  Check that your program has the available credit points required to complete the subjects in this field of study. Any requisite requirements must also be met. Consult your Program Advisor for further advice.

This minor covers topics in statistics from an introductory level to exploring complex statistical techniques that are used to analyse and interpret data generated in many disciplines. Students considering undertaking further postgraduate research studies in any discipline should consider taking this minor as part of their undergraduate degree.

This minor is open to all undergraduate students except those enrolled in the Bachelor of Science (Mathematical Science) program.

Students must complete 40 credit points as follows.

Subject Title Credit Points
Select one of the following:10
Statistical Decision Making
Statistics for Business
Select three of the following:30
Environmental Informatics
Introduction to Data Science
Making Sense of Data
Predictive Modelling
Total Credit Points40

Equivalent Subjects 

The subjects listed below count towards completion of this program for students who passed these subjects in 2021 or earlier. 

 MATH 2009 Introduction to Data Science is replaced by COMP 2025 Introduction to Data Science