Associate Degree in Education (Primary) (exit only) (1877)

  • Approved Abbreviation: AssocDegEd(Primary)
  • Western Sydney University Program Code: 1877
  • AQF Level: 6

CRICOS Code: 103729B

This program applies to students who commenced in 2021 or later. 

The Associate Degree in Education (Primary) is an exit point on completion of 160 credit point of study selected from the Bachelor of Education (Primary) subjects as indicated in the program structure below.

Study Mode

Two years full-time or four years part-time.

Program Advice

Dr Maree Skillen

Prospective students should visit the following websites for general enquiries about this program.

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Campus Attendance Mode Advice
Bankstown Campus Full Time Internal See above
Bankstown Campus Full Time Internal See above
Bankstown City Campus (from 2023) Full Time Internal See above
Bankstown City Campus (from 2023) Part Time Internal See above


This is an exit point only from Program Bachelor of Education (Primary).

Program Structure

Qualification for this award requires the successful completion of 160 credit points including the subjects listed below.

Recommend Sequence

Plan of Study Grid
Year 1
Autumn sessionCredit Points
TEAC 1031 Sociology for Educators 10
TEAC 1038 Literacy and Numeracy for Educators 10
TEAC 2054 Scientific Discovery and Invention 10
TEAC 1037 Exploring Patterns and Relationships in Mathematics 10
 Credit Points40
Spring session
TEAC 1039 Scientist, Artist, Teacher 10
TEAC 1011 Educational Psychology 10
TEAC 2062 Teachers as Change Makers 10
Select one elective 10
 Credit Points40
Year 2
Autumn session
TEAC 3016 Language and Literacy in the Early Years 10
TEAC 2043 Numeracy and Mathematics in the Early Years 10
TEAC 2004 Being a Teacher 10
TEAC 2048 Primary Professional Experience 1: Working in Classrooms 10
 Credit Points40
Spring session
TEAC 2063 History, Geography, Civics and Citizenship in the Primary Years 10
TEAC 2024 Engaging with Families and Communities 10
TEAC 2046 Pedagogy and Praxis in Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Education 10
TEAC 2053 Science and Technology in the Primary Years 10
 Credit Points40
 Total Credit Points160