Bachelor of Paramedicine

This program applies to students who commenced in 2023 or later.

Students should follow the program structure for the session start date relevant to the year they commenced.

Commencement Year 2022 - 4669 Bachelor of Health Science (Paramedicine)

Paramedics play an integral role in the health system, providing care to patients with acute, sub-acute and chronic health problems in diverse settings. Paramedics deliver unscheduled, out-of-hospital care to patients across the lifespan and spectrum of illness and injury. This contemporary course is anchored by a strong evidence-based foundation and considers clinical, research and leadership aspects of the profession utilising innovative learning, teaching and assessment strategies. Exposure to diverse clinical placements aids in development of high-level decision-making skills and critical self-care practice. Completion of the course will enable you to work effectively as a registered paramedic in traditional and emerging roles that may be associated with jurisdictional or private ambulance services, the defence forces, or other community-based primary health settings.
Note: This course involves a mandatory health and medical assessment that must be completed prior to enrolling in 401067 Paramedic Practice 1 offered in Spring Year 1 and undertaking the associated ambulance service clinical placement. Students who are unable to pass the assessment by the end of Autumn session in the first year of the course will be required to take a leave of absence pending re-assessment in the following year, or transfer to an alternative health science degree such as 4656 Bachelor of Health Science. Placements will be undertaken throughout NSW and ACT according to availability, with all related expenses covered by the student.