MEDI 7068 Cytopathology, Small Biopsy and Cardiorespiratory Pathology

Credit Points 10

Description This unit uses a blended learning approach to introduce diagnostic entities in surgical pathology entities of neuropathology, cardiorespiratory pathology, genito-urinary pathology, salivary gland and endocrine pathology, skin and soft tissue pathology. The unit provides training in basic research skills, communication skills, and critical thinking. The self-directed online learning module is composed of digitalized images, practical notes, recorded lectures and quizzes on the diagnostic approach to important pathological entities of the respiratory and cardiovascular systems.

School Medicine

Student Contribution Band HECS Band 2 10cp

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Level Postgraduate Coursework Level 7 subject

Equivalent Subjects MEDI 7013 - Cytopathology and Small Biopsy Pathology 1

Restrictions Students must be enrolled in 4750 Masters of Medicine (Pathology).

Learning Outcomes

On successful completion of this subject, students should be able to:
  1. Critically analyse diagnostic entities in both non-gynaecological and gynaecological cytopathology.
  2. Examine small biopsies particularly relating to surgical pathology of the cardiorespiratory system to reach a diagnosis.
  3. Justify relevant information regarding pathological findings using evidence-based approach.
  4. Communicate key findings in a written report regarding surgical and cytopathology.

Subject Content

Non-gynaecological cytopathology
Gynaecological cytopathology
Small biopsy pathology
Cardiorespiratory systems pathology

Special Requirements

Legislative pre-requisites

Students need to meet the legislative requirements to be in a supervised specialist training role in Pathology, and hence be working clinically in a hospital/laboratory setting. If a student fails to meet these requirements they will not be allowed to enrol in the subject.


The following table summarises the standard assessment tasks for this subject. Please note this is a guide only. Assessment tasks are regularly updated, where there is a difference your Learning Guide takes precedence.

Item Length Percent Threshold Individual/Group Task
Practical Exam 2 hours 30 Y Individual
Practical Exam 2 hours 30 Y Individual
Case studies 10 cases (50-100 words each) 40 Y Individual

Teaching Periods

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