Anthropology, Major (0002)

  • Western Sydney University Major Code: 0002

Previous Code: M1097.1

Available to students in other Western Sydney University Programs:  Yes.  Check that your program has the available credit points required to complete the subjects in this field of study. Any requisite requirements must also be met. Consult your Program Advisor for further advice.

Social Anthropology is the study of humans and the cultures they create. The major in Anthropology within the Bachelor of Social Science offers students the opportunity to examine social patterns and practices across cultures, to discover similarities and differences between cultures, and to understand the processes by which humans organise and create meaning. Areas of focus include the development of anthropology as a discipline; globalisation and culture; power and politics; gender and sexuality; identity and belonging; ethnography and ethnographic methods; indigenous peoples and nation states. Specific attention is given to cultures of Australasia, Southeast Asia and the Pacific, and to cross cultural interactions, at both global and local levels. This major seeks to equip students with multi-cultural knowledge as well as to provide a thorough grounding in research methods and ethics with utility in a variety of professional and academic contexts.


Campus Mode Advice
Liverpool Campus Internal Associate Professor Mary Hawkins
Penrith Campus Internal Associate Professor Mary Hawkins

Recommended Sequence

Students must complete 80 credit points as follows

Plan of Study Grid
Year 1
Autumn sessionCredit Points
HUMN 1016 Different Ways of Being in the World: Introduction to Social Anthropology 10
 Credit Points10
Spring session
HUMN 1026 Global Structures, Local Cultures 10
 Credit Points10
Year 2
Autumn session
HUMN 2068 Cultures of Southeast Asia and Oceania 10
HUMN 2028 Identity and Belonging 10
 Credit Points20
Spring session
HUMN 2069 Society, Culture and Human Diversity 10
 Credit Points10
Year 3
Autumn session
HUMN 3066 Power as a Cultural System 10
HUMN 3078 The Anthropologies of Gender and Sexualities 10
 Credit Points20
Spring session
CULT 3016 Indigenous Cultures: A Global Perspective 10
 Credit Points10
 Total Credit Points80

 Equivalent Subject

The major subject listed below counts towards completion of this major for students who passed this subject in 2020/21 or earlier.

HUMN 2012 - Anthropologies of the Everyday - replaced by HUMN 2069 Society, Culture and Human Diversity 

HUMN 2024 - Ethnographies of Southeast Asia and the Pacific - replaced by HUMN 2068 Cultures of Southeast Asia and Oceania