Graduate Diploma in Science (Exit only)

  • Western Sydney University Program Code: 3777
  • AQF Level: 8

The Graduate Diploma in Science (exit only) is an early exit award from the Master of Science.

Master of Science

Program Advice

Science Program Advice

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Campus Attendance Mode Advice
Parramatta Campus - Victoria Road Full-time Internal See above
Parramatta Campus - Victoria Road Part Time Internal See above


The Graduate Diploma in Science (exit only) is an early exit award from the Master of Science.

Master of Science

Program Structure

Qualification for this award requires the successful completion of 80 credit points comprising:

  • 10 credit points of core subjects and
  • 70 credit points of alternate subjects comprising at least 30 credit points from Alternate Pool 1 and up to 40 credit points from Alternate Pool 2.

Core subject

Subject Title Credit Points
All students are required to complete the following core subject:
MATH 7016The Nature of Data10

Alternate Pools

Students are required to complete 70 credit points as follows:

Select at least 30 credit points from Alternate Pool 1
Select up to 40 credit points from Alternate Pool 2.

Please note that the availability of alternate subjects may vary from year to year. New subjects may become available and some others discontinued. The most recent version of theMaster of Science indicates which subjects are offered in the program. The School will publish information on which subjects are available in a session.

Alternate Pool 1 subjects

This pool comprises science units across different disciplines which complement your specialisation.

Subject Title Credit Points
NATS 7053MSc Research Project (extended)20
HORT 7004Industry Project10
NATS 7054Professional Topic10
NATS 7015Food Evaluation10
NATS 7016Food Preservation and Packaging Technologies10
NATS 7017Food Product Design10
NATS 7018Food Quality Management10
HLTH 7003Community and Public Health Nutrition10
HLTH 7011Nutritional Assessment Methods10
PUBH 7022Public Health, Policy and Society10
HLTH 7010Nutrition Promotion10
HORT 7006Plant-Climate Interactions in Controlled Environments10
HORT 7001Advanced Greenhouse Technology10
HORT 7002Greenhouse Control Systems10
HORT 7003Greenhouse Crop Production10
AGRI 7001Agricultural Biosecurity10
AGRI 7002Agricultural Biotechnology10
AGRI 7003Agricultural Technologies10
AGRI 7004Livestock Production Systems10
PHYS 7001A Cosmic Perspective10
PHYS 7002Space Instrumentation, Technology and Communication10
PHYS 7003Space Science, Planetary Science and Meteorology10
BIOS 7001Emerging Technologies for Biological Science10
AGEN 7002Ecosystems in a Changing World10
COMP 7006Data Science10
MATH 7011Predictive Analytics10
MATH 7012Programming for Data Science10
MATH 7014Social Media Intelligence10
COMP 7016Visualisation10

Alternate Pool 2

This pool comprises subjects from other fields that add breadth to your studies.

Subject Title Credit Points
ACCT 7015Financial Reports for Decision Making10
BUSM 7099Understanding Contemporary Organisations10
MKTG 7019Marketing Systems10
BUSM 7018Contemporary People Management10
ECON 7001Economics10
BUSM 7040Governance, Ethics and Social Entrepreneurship10
BUSM 7086Strategic Business Management10
PUBH 7016Introduction to Epidemiology10
NURS 7022Ethics in Health Research10
ENGR 7017Professional Practice and Communication10
PUBH 7019Occupational Health Management10
PUBH 7024Safety and Risk Management10
CIVL 7014Sustainable Systems10
CIVL 7018Water Treatment and Distribution10
CIVL 7008Advanced Waste Management10
ENVL 7002Planning and Environmental Regulation10
BUSM 7014Compliance Management10
BUSM 7078Project Management10
BUSM 7011Business Operations and Logistics10
BUSM 7092Supply Chain Management10
MKTG 7033Customer Experience10
BUSM 7046Innovation for New Markets10
BUSM 7048Innovation, Creativity and Foresight10
BUSM 7043Industrial Relations and Workplace Change10
BUSM 7024Developing Human Capital and Organisational Capability10
BUSM 7086Strategic Business Management10
PUBH 7011Health Advancement and Health Promotion10
HLTH 7001A Global Perspective on Social Determinants of Health10
HLTH 7015Qualitative Research Methodology in Health10
HLTH 7006Health Services and Facilities Planning10
ARCH 7001Developing Sustainable Places10
POLI 7002Translation from Theory and Research to Policy10
PUBH 7020Policy, Power and Politics in Health Care Provision10
PUBH 7014Health and Socio-political Issues in Aged Care10
PUBH 7004Communicable Diseases10
HLTH 7007Health Workforce Planning10
HLTH 7002Building Organisational Capacity in Health Care10
PUBH 7028Surveillance and Disaster Planning10
PUBH 7015Introduction to Clinical Epidemiology10
PUBH 7006Data Management and Programming for Epidemiology10
PUBH 7010Epidemiology of Non-Communicable Diseases10
PUBH 7005Controversies in Epidemiology10
PUBH 7002Analytic Approaches in Epidemiology10
PUBH 7025Statistical Methods in Epidemiology10
CIVL 7014Sustainable Systems10