Visual Arts and Crafts (VISU)

VISU 2003  From Ochre to Acrylics to New Technologies  (10 Credit Points)  
Legacy Code: 101755  

This unit examines the emergence of the Indigenous Australian visual arts movement. It will provide students with a body of knowledge which explores the transition of art-making as it emerged from an historical cultural practice: from ochre to acrylics to new technologies. In examining the Indigenous visual arts movement beginning with the Papunya Tula artists, students will gain an insight into the significant contribution urban and regional Indigenous artists make to the Australian economy and culture. Students will have the exciting opportunity to participate in site visits and engage with a number of Indigenous visual artists. This unit is available to all Undergraduate students who have open electives.

Level: Undergraduate Level 2 subject  
Restrictions: Please see the Subject Details page for any restrictions for this subject  
VISU 2007  Animation and Visual Effects (WSTC)  (10 Credit Points)  

Explore the art and technology of animation and visual effects as applied to digital screen media production. In this unit, you will be introduced to the principles of animation and compositing and learn how to create effective motion sequences integrated with sound. Working with commercial software, you will explore the unique possibilities of animation and visual effects production and experiment with alternative, creative, narrative storytelling approaches. Develop critical, conceptual and practical skills within the context of animation and visual effects which will then enable you to deliver powerful and compelling visual stories on multiple media platforms.

Level: Undergraduate Level 2 subject  
Co-requisite(s): Students enrolled in the combined DiplomaBachelor courses listed below must pass all College Preparatory units listed in the course structure before progressing to the Year Two units  
Equivalent Subjects: COMM 2031 - Principles of Non-Linear Editing COMM 2008 - Animation and Visual Effects COMM 2042 - Visual Effects COMM 2051 - Animation and Visual Effects  
Restrictions: Please see the Subject Details page for any restrictions for this subject  
VISU 3002  Photomedia: Fashion and Identity  (10 Credit Points)  
Legacy Code: 100941  

This unit explores issues of identity through photographic practice as used in Fashion Photography. Fashion is a universal form of self-expression, making it the communication strategy most employed to express identity based on material and non-material cultures. The role of photography in the creation of iconic and culturally referential images in both commercial and editorial work will be researched, analysed and interpreted in order to place the student's work in context. It provides students with capacity building through an advanced experience with studio lighting, digital effects for fashion based image making and experience with location and studio photography and of professional photography as it is used in fashion publications.

Level: Undergraduate Level 3 subject  
Pre-requisite(s): DESN 2013  
Equivalent Subjects: LGYA 0822 - Fashion Style and Identity LGYA 2433 - Photomedia 2 Fabrication  
Restrictions: Please see the Subject Details page for any restrictions for this subject