TEAC 4006 Primary Professional Experience 4a: Transition into the Profession 1

Credit Points 10

Legacy Code 102659

Coordinator Jacqueline Humphries Opens in new window

Description Students will participate in a 30-day professional experience set in the context of their future profession and under the supervision of qualified teachers. This is the final professional experience unit in your degree. The completion of this Professional Experience recognises you as a conditionally qualified teacher. This unit aims to recognise your shift from pre-service teacher to beginning teacher. Students will be prepared by exploring issues involved in understanding the needs of learners within specific school and classroom contexts, and will design and teach experiences in ways that will enhance student engagement and student learning outcomes. The unit is designed to develop your professional identity and the importance of continued professional learning, the relationship between professional and community organisations in supporting educators, and how these influence student outcomes. It will build awareness of skills and practices that will help facilitate preservice teacher's personal wellbeing and resilience in their teaching career. The unit links theory and practice and enables students to construct new knowledge and new ways of practice as part of their transition into the teaching profession. In line with primary teaching specialisation requirements, your professional experience may focus on teaching, evaluating and assessing in the subject area of Science and Technology. Students are required to analyse their own learning in relation to the Graduate Teacher Standards through the completion of a Learning Portfolio and the TPA (Teaching Performance Assessment).

School Education

Discipline Teacher Education: Primary

Student Contribution Band HECS Band 1 10cp

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Level Undergraduate Level 4 subject

Pre-requisite(s) TEAC 3021


Students must be enrolled in and have successfully completed 240 credit points in the Bachelor of Education (Primary).

Learning Outcomes

On successful completion of this subject, students should be able to:

  1. Apply knowledge of current research to competently plan, deliver, assess and evaluate lesson sequences and units of work across all Learning Areas;
  2. Demonstrate the capacity to create and maintain supportive and safe learning environments;
  3. Identifies personal learning goals in relation to the Australian Professional Standards for Teachers;
  4. Effectively participates in the specific roles and responsibilities of a primary school teacher and contributes positively to the school community beyond the classroom;
  5. Refine skills and knowledge related to being a teaching professional, including classroom management; relationships with families, community and other professionals; student wellbeing;
  6. Understand professional and ethical practice related to NSW Education policy frameworks;
  7. Identify a range of appropriate professional associations and how they can contribute to professional learning and improve teaching practices to support student learning;
  8. Compile a range of strategies to build and maintain teacher wellbeing and resilience.

Subject Content

- Teaching and planning cycle- using data and assessment evidence about students to inform Lesson planning, assessment and The provision of feedback to students
- Critical self-reflection with reference to The Australian professional Standards for graduate teachers
- Connecting research with practice to inform planning and Teaching
- pedagogical knowledge to support Teaching and learning decision making
- professional and Ethical practices of The Teaching profession
- differing Roles and responsibilities of teachers
- Essential skills and knowledge as A Teaching professional including, professional identity, registering as A teacher, professional associations and professional learning
- teacher wellbeing and resilience

Special Requirements

Legislative pre-requisites

Prior to enrolling in this subject:   

1. Students are required to complete a Working with Children Check leading to the issuance of a clearance number under the category of volunteer.    

Students will need to: 
i. Access the Commission for Children and Young People website and complete an online application form to generate an application number.  
ii. Present an application number and identification to a NSW Motor Registry or Government Access Centre prior to issuance by mail a Working with Children Check number.  
iii. Submit the letter with a valid Working With Children Check number to Student Central where the document is trimmed and recorded in Banner as a Special Requirement.    

2. Students must have completed Child Protection Awareness Training (Online) prior to undertaking any visits/placements.    

3. Students must have completed the ASCIA anaphylaxis e-training and registered their certificates with Student Central.

4. Students must also have completed the National Literacy and Numeracy TEST  (NSW Education Standards Authority) prior to enrolment in this subject.

5. From 2H/Spring 2022, students must be COVID-19 fully vaccinated as per the NSW Public Health Order and NSW Department of Education requirement. If a student is unable to be get an approved vaccination for medical reasons, they will need to approach their doctor who must complete a contraindication form available at: covid-19-vaccine-contraindication.pdf (nsw.gov.au). Students to submit details of all vaccination doses or contraindication form via Western Now form for it to be recorded on their academic record.

Teaching Periods