Biomedical Engineering, Concentration (0122)

  • Western Sydney University Concentration Code: 0122

Previous Code: SM3091.1

Available to students in other Western Sydney University programs?  No

The Biomedical Engineering concentration includes elements from the bioelectronics, biomechanical and biomechatronic specialisations. This allows students to undertake multidisciplinary study within engineering, which combines knowledge from electronics, chemical, materials, mechanical and mechatronic engineering with the life sciences of medicine, biology and molecular biology. Graduates will be equipped with professional skills to work in biomedical industry as engineers, with a good understanding of multidisciplinary principles and practices.


Campus Mode Advice
Penrith Campus Internal

Concentration Structure

This concentration is only available to students enrolled in Bachelor of Engineering (Honours) or Bachelor of Engineering - Electrical, Mechanical and Robotics & Mechatronics majors only.

From 2024, please refer to Biomedical Engineering, Minor (0122) . This minor is available to all students in Bachelor of Engineering (Honours) (3740) and Bachelor of Engineering Advanced (Honours) (3771)

Student must complete the following four subjects

Subject Title Credit Points
HLTH 2003Biomechanics10
ENGR 3004Biomedical Signals and Data Analysis10
ENGR 4038Biomedical Electronics10
BIOS 1022Introduction to Human Biology10
Total Credit Points40