Microbiology, Minor (0105)

  • Western Sydney University Minor Code: 0105

Previous Code: SM3044.1

Available to students in other Western Sydney University Programs: Yes, however the following restrictions apply. 

The Microbiology minor is available to all undergraduate students except those enrolled in the Microbiology major.

Microorganisms impact on all aspects of our lives. A microbiology sub-major will equip students with the skills and knowledge of microbiology and molecular microbiology relevant to employment in research laboratories and industries including biotechnology companies, medical and environmental laboratories, food, wine and pharmaceutical companies, quality assurance and scientific sales.


Campus Mode Advice
Hawkesbury Internal science@westernsydney.edu.au

Minor Structure

Students must complete four subjects as follows.

Subject Title Credit Points
Level 2
BIOS 2022Microbiology 110
BIOS 2024Microbiology 210
Level 3
BIOS 3004Analytical Microbiology10
NATS 3030Medical Microbiology10
Total Credit Points40