LANG 2010 Chinese 202

Credit Points 10

Legacy Code 102025

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Description This is a post-beginner unit for intermediate level study of modern Chinese (Mandarin) language and its culture suitable for Post Beginners or an equivalent level. Students can take it as part of a major/sub-major or as an elective unit. It aims to develop listening and speaking skills in a real communicative setting. Students will learn Pinyin, vocabulary, expressions and grammatical structures in a wide range of daily situations. In addition, students will have the chance to learn and research on some interesting aspects of Chinese culture. Differentiated learning and assessment tasks and multimedia activities are utilised to cater to non-background and quasi-background learners. The unit is not suitable for background speakers (i.e., who have completed formal secondary education where Mandarin Chinese is used as an official language and also the language of instruction at the School). Note: Students enrolling in this unit as part of a major or sub major in Chinese are encouraged enrol in Chinese 201 at the same time.

School Humanities & Comm Arts

Discipline Eastern Asian Languages

Student Contribution Band HECS Band 1 10cp

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Level Undergraduate Level 2 subject

Equivalent Subjects LANG 2049 - Language and Communication Skills 2A Chinese

Assumed Knowledge

Successful completion of 20 credit points of Chinese Language at Level 1 or equivalent.

Learning Outcomes

On successful completion of this subject, students should be able to:
  1. use a core vocabulary and commonly used expressions to carry out routine tasks;
  2. engage in simple conversations with native and non-native speakers of the language in daily situations;
  3. demonstrate comprehension of basic sentence structures in spoken Chinese;
  4. display an awareness of the different varieties of spoken language;
  5. apply the cultural knowledge to real life situations and develop links with Chinese speakers.
  6. apply independent learning strategies to acquire spoken Chinese or another language.

Subject Content

Activities and tasks aimed at developing listening comprehension and speaking skills at post beginner level
Activities and tasks to develop grammatical forms at the post-beginner level
An examination of conversational form and function mappings at the post-beginner level
Commonly used expressions and conversational skills at Stage III to undertake daily tasks: e.g. exchanging personal information and experiences, expressing emotions or opinions, discussing an event, making arrangements, or describing an object or a person.
An examination of cultural aspects in Chinese-speaking communities
The nature of language acquisition and types of learning strategies in spoken Chinese.

Inherent Requirements

There are inherent requirements for this subject that you must meet in order to successfully complete this subject. Make sure you read and understand the requirements for your subject online.

Inherent Requirements


The following table summarises the standard assessment tasks for this subject. Please note this is a guide only. Assessment tasks are regularly updated, where there is a difference your Learning Guide takes precedence.

Item Length Percent Threshold Individual/Group Task
Portfolio: (e.g. In-class and out-of-class performance tasks including listening activities, active oral participation in discussion, and cultural research work) Fortnightly language and cultural tasks 40 N Individual
Individual and/or group presentation: (with a written script). Students can choose to do either an individual work or a role play as a teamwork, students will be assessed individually. 5 to 10 mins with 300-character written work (20% Presentation and 10% Written Script) 30 N Individual
Final in-class test 1.5 - 2 hours 30 N Individual

Prescribed Texts

  • 1. Ma, J.F. (2009). Great Wall Chinese, Textbook with CDs and Workbook (3). Beijing: Beijing Language and Culture University Press.
  • 2. Ma, J.F. (2009). Great Wall Chinese, Textbook with CDs and Workbook (4). Beijing: Beijing Language and Culture University Press.
  • 3. Ma, Y. H. & He, Y. (2009). My Chinese. with CDs. Beijing: People's Education Press.
  • 4. Zeng, X. Y. (2006). Experiencing Chinese - Experiencing Culture in China with CD. Beijing: Higher Education Press.
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  • 6. Zeng, X. Y. (2006). Experiencing Chinese - Business Communication in China with CD. Beijing: Higher Education Press.
  • Note: Textbooks will be updated regularly.

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