Secondary Education, Major (0272)

  • Western Sydney University Major Code: 0272

Previous Code:  M1133.1

Available to students in other Western Sydney University Programs:  Yes.  Check that your program has the available credit points required to complete the subjects in this field of study. Any requisite requirements must also be met. Consult your Program Advisor for further advice.

Students in the Secondary Education Major will study subjects that deal with educational concepts such as sustainability, creativity, social justice and adolescent development. These subjects are broadly structured for students to investigate and critique contemporary education issues. Students will study the first four subjects of the Master of Teaching (Secondary). This major facilitates a transition into a Master of Teaching postgraduate qualification in Secondary Teaching.


Campus Mode Advice
Bankstown City Campus Internal Jaydene Barnes
Parramatta Campus - Victoria Road Internal Jaydene Barnes
Penrith Campus Internal Jaydene Barnes

Major Structure

Students must successfully complete 80 credit points as per the recommended sequence below.

All subjects in this major are 10 credit points and are arranged in two pools:

  • the Education Studies Learning in Context Pool Subjects (Levels 1, 2 and 3), and
  • the (Level 7) Master of Teaching (Secondary) Subjects.

Students must complete 10 credit points at Level 1 and at least 30 credit points at Level 3 or higher.

Subject Title Credit Points
Education Studies Learning in Context Pool Subjects
Students must complete at least four subjects: one subject at Level 1 and three subjects at Level 2 or 3 or higher (a minimum of 30 credit points at level 3 is required overall for this major).
Level 1 subject
Students must complete the following Level 1 subject
HUMN 1013Contextualising Indigenous Australia (Day Mode)10
Level 2 subjects
TEAC 2017Education and Transformation10
TEAC 2018Education for Sustainability10
TEAC 2037Learning and Creativity10
TEAC 2009Contemporary Childhoods10
TEAC 2065Digital Childhoods10
TEAC 2062Teachers as Change Makers10
Level 3 subjects
TEAC 3009Ethical Futures10
TEAC 3006Education in a Cosmopolitan Society10
TEAC 3031The Brain and Learning10
TEAC 3051Creativity and Cultural Wellbeing for Communities (from Spring 2023)10
Master of Teaching (Secondary) Subjects
Students must have completed 160 credit points before enrolling in the following subjects
Level 7 subjects
TEAC 7161Educational Psychology for Learning and Teaching10
TEAC 7032Diversity, Social Justice and Schooling10
TEAC 7160Literacy and Numeracy for Secondary Teaching10
TEAC 7108Professional Practice Community Engagement10

Equivalent Subjects

The subject listed below count towards completion of this program for students who passed these subjects in 2023 or earlier.

TEAC 7004 Adolescent Development and Teaching, replaced by TEAC 7161 Educational Psychology for Learning and Teaching

Replaced Subjects

The subjects listed below counts towards completion of this program for students who passed the subjects in 2023 or earlier.

TEAC 7027 Designing Teaching and Learning, replaced by TEAC 7160 Literacy and Numeracy for Secondary Teaching

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