HUMN 3113 Migration and Social Change

Credit Points 10

Legacy Code 102862

Coordinator Sukhmani Khorana Opens in new window

Description This subject will address the key concepts and issues of migration particular to settler colonies like Australia as well as nations in Europe and the Asia Pacific. It will consider the lives of first and second generation migrants and the spaces they inhabit, that is, rapidly growing suburbs and urban fringes. Attention will be paid to how migrant identities intersect with their class, gender and other categories. This includes a close examination of how their livelihoods are impacted by increasing gentrification, health and environmental crises, and intensified forms of border control and anti-immigration sentiment. Finally, the subject will encourage student to understand the contemporary influences such as solidarity movements and online cultures that impact our understanding of migration and prompt social change.

School Humanities & Comm Arts

Student Contribution Band HECS Band 4 10cp

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Level Undergraduate Level 3 subject

Equivalent Subjects HUMN 3085 - Transnational Migration HUMN 3086 - Transnationalism and Migration


Successful completion of 60 credit points in currently enrolled program.

Learning Outcomes

On successful completion of this subject, students should be able to:

  1. Critique concepts of identity, migration, multiculturalism and cosmopolitanism by applying these to relevant examples.
  2. Discuss the intersection of migration with race, ethnicity, gender and class, and with the issues of urban development, global capitalism, public health and environmental crises.
  3. Conduct primary research using a relevant methodology.
  4. Clearly express complex ideas and arguments orally and in writing.

Subject Content

Migration, multiculturalism and cosmopolitanism
Public space: Ethno-burbs, community gardens, gentrification
Intersection of migration with gender, race and class identities
Art, media and migration
Contemporary crises (like COVID-19) and migration
Global mediated youth cultures and migration


The following table summarises the standard assessment tasks for this subject. Please note this is a guide only. Assessment tasks are regularly updated, where there is a difference your Learning Guide takes precedence.

Type Length Percent Threshold Individual/Group Task
Reflection 1,500 words 30 N Individual
Presentation 10 minutes (equivalent to 1,000 words) 20 N Individual
Essay 2,000 words 50 N Individual