MEDI 7007 Applied Clinical Sciences 3

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Learning Outcomes

On successful completion of this subject, students should be able to:

  1. Provides patient centred care at all stages of care, from pre-pregnancy to end of life
  2. Promotes the health and wellbeing of individuals and populations, with particular focus on Greater Western Sydney, rural, regional and Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities
  3. Evaluates and continuously develops own personal and professional capabilities, and those of others
  4. Applies a sound understanding of the biomedical, psychological and social sciences to medical practice

Subject Content

The major specialties and subspecialties of Medicine, Surgery, General Practice, Aboriginal Health and Critical Care are covered in Applied Clinical Sciences 3 through a combination of clinical and community based placements, campus and clinical school lectures, workshops and tutorials. Topics covered in these specialties include the following
1. Patient care
- Diagnosis and investigation of problems and presentations in general medicine, surgery, general practice, Aboriginal health and Critical care
- formulation and implementation (under supervision) of patient centred management plans
- prescribing medications and other therapeutic agents
- application and evaluation of clinical and procedural skills
2. Health in the Community
- health care systems and services
- Advocacy for disease prevention and health promotion
3. Scientific Basis of Medicine
- appraisal, application and evaluation of evidence to clinical problems
- application of The biomedical, psychological and social sciences to medical and health problems and presentations
- conducting research
4. Professional and Personal Development
- Ethical practice
- multidisciplinary teamwork and communication
- learning and Teaching in clinical environments
- safety and quality in clinical settings

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