Global Politics and International Relations, Major (0340)

  • Western Sydney University Major Code: 0340

Available to students in other Western Sydney University programs?  No

Global Politics and International Relations is concerned with relations among states, the role of international organisations and, foreign policies and power relations between countries. The major will examine the interaction of society, economy and politics across national boundaries.  Students will develop knowledge of global politics and analyse the theory and practice of international relations by examining how communities respond to globalisation, migration, poverty and climate change. Students will also examine the influence of global movements and issues, such as environmentalism and religion and how contemporary global challenges are understood and addressed by political actors, from nation states to global social movements.


Campus Mode Advice
Bankstown City Campus Internal
Parramatta Campus - Victoria Road Internal

Major Structure

Students must complete 80 credit points as follows.

Complete the following compulsory subjects.

Subject Title Credit Points
POLI 1007World Politics and International Relations10
HUMN 3079The Asian Century10
Total Credit Points20

Students must also complete six subjects from the following pools.

Subject Title Credit Points
Select two of the following:20
Global Structures, Local Cultures
Human Rights, Peace and Development
Introduction to International Business
A History of Modern Global Buddhism
Islam in the Modern World
Issues in World Development: Rich World, Poor World
Managing in the Global Environment
The Racial State
Select four of the following:40
Cyber Justice (UG)
Dictators, Democrats and Dreamers: Indonesia 1942 to now
International Organisations and Global Governance
International Relations of Southeast Asia
International Special Study
Looking at Global Politics Through Film
Modern Japanese History
Politics, Power and Resistance
Total Credit Points60