Bachelor of Educational Studies (Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Education) (exit only)

  • Effective from: 2020
  • Approved Abbreviation: BEdSt(ATSIEd)
  • Western Sydney University Program Code: 1861
  • AQF Level: 7

The Bachelor of Educational Studies (Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Education) is an exit point on completion of 240 credit points of study from the 1717 Bachelor of Education (Primary) Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Education) subjects as indicated in the program sequence. This program provides an exit point for students who do not meet the National Literacy and Numeracy TEST requirement.

Study Mode

Three years full-time.

Program Advice

Terry Wright

Prospective students should visit the following websites for general enquiries about this program.

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Campus Attendance Mode Advice
Bankstown Campus Full Time Internal See above

Recommended Sequence

Qualification for this award requires the successful completion of 240 credit points including the subjects listed in the recommended sequence below.


Plan of Study Grid
Year 1
1H sessionCredit Points
TEAC 1022 Literacy Skills for Teacher Education 10
TEAC 1028 Numeracy for Teaching 10
TEAC 1008 Curriculum and Aboriginal Perspectives 10
TEAC 1020 Language and Literacy 1 10
 Credit Points40
2H session
TEAC 1017 Identity and Voice in Multimodal Texts 10
TEAC 1029 Professional Experience 1: Introduction to Classrooms 10
TEAC 2031 History, Geography, Civics and Citizenship 10
TEAC 2020 Educational Psychology for Teaching Children 10
 Credit Points40
Year 2
1H session
TEAC 1010 Early Primary Mathematics 10
TEAC 2014 Cultural Diversity, Society and Learning 10
TEAC 2011 Contemporary Issues in Aboriginal Education 10
TEAC 2058 Wellbeing and Promoting Positive Learning Environments 10
 Credit Points40
2H session
TEAC 2030 Health and Physical Education 10
TEAC 2049 Professional Experience 2: School-based Learning 10
TEAC 2052 Science and Technology 10
TEAC 2032 Inclusive Education Practices 10
 Credit Points40
Year 3
1H session
TEAC 2013 Creative Arts 10
TEAC 3014 Language and Literacy 2 10
TEAC 4002 Developing Primary Mathematics 10
TEAC 2060 Developing Aboriginal Languages K-6 10
 Credit Points40
2H session
TEAC 2033 Indigenous Landscapes and Sustainability 10
TEAC 3036 Data and Assessment in the Primary classroom 10
TEAC 3040 Professional Experience 3 10
TEAC 3032 Understanding and Teaching in Context 10
 Credit Points40
 Total Credit Points240