Health Practice Management, Minor (0240)

  • Western Sydney University Minor Code: 0240

Previous Code: SM4002.1

Available to students in other Western Sydney University Programs: Yes, however the following restrictions apply. 

The Minor complements study in another health or interdisciplinary major. Students will choose four of a suite of five subjects which are grouped to develop students’ knowledge and the skills required to manage a health practice or health service. Such management skills can be applied to management of any work practice and should provide students with more diverse employment opportunities. Note: To avoid duplication of content studied in a course, students may not take this minor with the following fields of study: T019 Health Services Management or 0053 Health Services Management or 0170 Health Management)


Campus Mode Advice
Campbelltown Campus Internal Dr Caterina Tannous
Sydney City Campus* Internal Dr Andrey Zheluk

Curriculum delivered through an agreement with another party

Minor Structure

Students must choose 4 from the following 5 subjects (This Minor is not listed on testamur and may not be taken in conjunction with the T019 Health Services Management or 0053 Health Services Management or 0170 Health Management)

Subject Title Credit Points
Year 2 or 3 (when taken in Bachelor of Health Science)
Select four of the following:40
Autumn session
Health Administration and Management
Health Service Management
Health Practice Management
Spring session
Management Analytics
Health Care Systems and Organisation Culture
Total Credit Points40