Information Systems Analytics, Major (0166)

  • Western Sydney University Major Code: 0166

Previous Code: M3101.1

Available to students in other Western Sydney University Programs: Yes, however the following restrictions apply. 

This major is not available to students enrolled in  in 3639Bachelor of Information and Communications Technology, Technology, 3684 Bachelor of Information and Communications Technology (Advanced),   Technology (Advanced), 3687Bachelor of Information Systems or 3688 Bachelor of Information Systems Advanced. 

By completing Information Systems Analytics major you will gain cutting edge skills that will give you knowledge in how to assess and analyse currently available business data, make sense of it and based on the analysis select the most optimum business strategy. To achieve this within this major you will also learn about the complexities of Information Systems implementations, the components that make up the information systems, types of information systems and their nature of interactions. Furthermore, this major will give you cutting edge knowledge in how to best understand the complex relationships between business requirements and specific Information System technologies.


Campus Mode Advice
Parramatta Campus - Victoria Road Internal Dr Ana Hol

Major Structure

This major is not available to students enrolled in Bachelor of Information and Communications Technology, Bachelor of Information and Communications Technology (Advanced),  Bachelor of Information Systems or Bachelor of Information Systems Advanced.

Students must complete 80 credit points as follows.

Subject Title Credit Points
COMP 1005Programming Fundamentals10
INFS 1006Systems Analysis and Design10
INFS 1002Information Systems in Context10
INFS 2001Database Design and Development10
COMP 2020Technologies for Web Applications10
COMP 3020Social Web Analytics10
INFS 3006Emerging Trends in Information Systems10
INFO 3011Social Computing10
Total Credit Points80