Master of Neuromorphic Engineering (8123)

  • Approved Abbreviation: MNeuroEng
  • Western Sydney University Program Code: 8123
  • AQF Level: 9

CRICOS Code: 106435C

This program applies to students who commenced in 2022 or later.

Neuromorphic Engineering is an exciting inter-disciplinary field combining aspects from electrical engineering, computer science, neuroscience, signal processing and mathematics. The Master of Neuromorphic Engineering offers students an opportunity to partner with high-profile industry partners in an applied project or a research project, mentored by leading researchers from the International Centre for Neuromorphic Systems at the MARCS Institute. This program seeks to address the rapidly growing demand for alternative inter-disciplinary technologies, such as bio-inspired agile sensory systems, smart edge devices, and brain-inspired high performance computational platforms. The students will be introduced to state-of-the-art neuromorphic hardware, sensors and algorithms in a highly structured way that increases their acumen for approaching new situations with creativity and initiative.

All students will enrol in the 8124 Master of Neuromorphic Engineering and have the option to transition to 8123 Master of Neuromorphic Engineering (Research) at the end of their first year. A student completing the two-year degree may apply to pursue a PhD. Two exit options (Graduate Certificate in Neuromorphic Engineering and Graduate Diploma in Neuromorphic Engineering) are also available.

The majority of the coursework subjects will be undertaken at Parramatta City - Hassall St campus, while the applied project and research project will be located at Penrith campus.

Study Mode

Two years full-time. Students may be required to travel between campuses to complete their subjects. 

Program Advice

Bharath Ramesh

Prospective students should visit the following websites for general enquiries about this program.

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Campus Attendance Mode Advice
Parramatta City Campus - Macquarie Street Full Time Internal See above
Penrith campus Full Time Internal See above

Recommend Sequence

Qualification for this award requires the successful completion of 160 credit points as per the recommended structure below.


Plan of Study Grid
Year 1
Autumn sessionCredit Points
ELEC 6004 Neuromorphic Electronics Design 10
MATH 7019 Mathematics of Signal Processing 10
NATS 6001 Introduction to Neuroscience 10
COMP 7024 Programming for Data Science 10
 Credit Points40
Spring session
ELEC 6003 Neuromorphic Accelerators 10
COMP 6001 Neuromorphic Algorithms and Computation 10
COMP 6002 Neuromorphic Sensing 10
INFO 7001 Advanced Machine Learning 10
 Credit Points40
Year 2
Autumn session
ELEC 6002 Master Dissertation in Neuromorphic Engineering 40
 Credit Points40
Spring session
ELEC 6002 Master Dissertation in Neuromorphic Engineering 40
 Credit Points40
 Total Credit Points160