History and Political Thought, Major (0013)

  • Western Sydney University Major Code: 0013

Previous Code: M1137.1

Available to students in other Western Sydney University Programs:  Yes.  Check that your program has the available credit points required to complete the subjects in this field of study. Any requisite requirements must also be met. Consult your Program Advisor for further advice.

Since the revival of humanist thought in the Renaissance, universities have placed studies in history and political thought at the centre of exploring what it is to be human. At the heart of the History and Political Thought major are four compulsory subjects which introduce the student to the modern (since 1500) history of humanity. Although Europe is very prominent in the Major, the student will be invited to compare its history to the histories of Asia, Africa and the Americas. The Major culminates in a capstone subject in students’ final semester discussing historical theories and methods. A wide range of elective subjects covers European, American, Australian and Asian history and political thought and includes thematic subjects which range widely over time and place.


Campus Mode Advice
Bankstown Campus Internal enquiriesHCA@uws.edu.au
Bankstown City Campus (from 2023) Internal enquiriesHCA@uws.edu.au
Parramatta Campus - Victoria Road Internal enquiriesHCA@uws.edu.au
Penrith Campus Internal enquiriesHCA@uws.edu.au

Major Structure

Students must successfully complete 80 credit points from the subjects listed below.

Students must complete the following compulsory subjects.

Subject Title Credit Points
HUMN 3104Historical Methodologies10
HUMN 2067History of the Ancient World10
HUMN 1039Modern European History and Politics10
HUMN 1054When Worlds Collide: European Empires and the World, c.1600-195010
Total Credit Points40

Students must also complete four subjects from the following pools with a minimum of two subjects at Level 3.

Note: Not all Level 2 and 3 pool subjects will be offered each year. Subjects will be offered on a rotational basis.

Level 2 Subject Pool

Subject Title Credit Points
HUMN 2001A History of Modern Global Buddhism10
HUMN 2011Ancient Western Culture: Periclean Athens10
LANG 2015Cultural History of Books and Reading10
HUMN 2034Keeping the Past10
HUMN 2074Origins of the Secular West10
HUMN 2039Political Terror10
HUMN 2040Politics of Sex and Gender10
PHIL 2010The Ethical Life10
PHIL 2017Western Political Philosophy10

Level 3 Subject Pool

Subject Title Credit Points
POLI 3004American Foreign Policy Since 194510
HUMN 3013Australian Colonial History10
HUMN 3015Australian History Around Us10
HUMN 3017Australian Indigenous History from Federation to Reconciliation10
HUMN 3018Australian Indigenous History: From first contact to 'dying race'10
HUMN 3019Britain in the Age of Botany Bay, 1760-181510
HUMN 3109Catastrophe: The Environmental History of the Ancient World10
HUMN 3024Comparative Nationalism10
HUMN 3026Convicts and Settlers - Australian History 1788 - 184010
POLI 3005Democracy in Asia10
HUMN 3032Dictators, Democrats and Dreamers: Indonesia 1942 to now10
HUMN 3035Enlightenment and Revolution10
HUMN 3036Ethics in Historical Perspective10
HUMN 3039Food: A Cultural History10
HUMN 3040From Vindication to Liberation: A Comparative History of Feminism10
HUMN 3042Global Politics10
HUMN 3105History of Religion10
HUMN 3048History of Sexuality10
HUMN 3046History of Modern China to 194910
HUMN 3047History of Muslim Civilisations and Ideas10
HUMN 3111History of the People's Republic of China10
HUMN 3051Human Rights and Culture10
POLI 3009Looking at Global Politics Through Film10
HUMN 3115Medieval Europe from the Fall of the Roman Empire to the Reformation10
HUMN 3060Modern Japanese History10
HUMN 3061Mystical Islam: The Emergence of Sufism in World History10
HUMN 3062Napoleon: the Making of a Legend10
PHIL 3015Philosophy of History10
POLI 3010Politics of Post-War Japan10
HUMN 3064Politics, Power and Resistance10
HUMN 3076Sultans, Colonists and Nationalists: Indonesia C1200-194210
HUMN 3080The History of Southeast Asia10
HUMN 3081The International Relations of the Middle East Since 194510
POLI 3012The Politics of Civilisation10
CULT 3021Theories of Authority10
HUMN 3084Theories of Conflict and Violence10
HUMN 3087Twentieth Century Australia10
HUMN 3088Understanding Freedom10
HUMN 3090Understanding Power10
HUMN 3093War10
HUMN 3094War and Society in the Twentieth Century10
HUMN 3092WWII in Asia and the Pacific10
HUMN 3096What is the Human?10

Equivalent Major Subjects

The subjects listed below count towards completion of this major for students who successfully completed the subjects in 2019 or earlier.

HUMN 3010 - American History, 1898-1945, no longer offered.
HUMN 3038 - Exploring Local History, replaced by HUMN 3015 Australian History Around Us
BEHV 3013 - Humanities Internship, no longer offered as part of this major.
HUMN 3053 - International Study Tours, no longer offered as part of this major.
HUMN 2043 - Religion and the Origins of Modern Science, no longer offered.
HUMN 3074 - Social and Political Developments in Contemporary China, replaced by HUMN 3111 History of the People's Republic of China
POLI 3013 - United States Government and Politics, no longer offered.
HUMN 3095 - Warlords, Artists and Emperors: Power and Authority in Japanese History, no longer offered.