Global Climate Change, Major (0168)

  • Western Sydney University Major Code: 0168

Previous Code: M4008.1

Available to students in other Western Sydney University programs?  No

Climate change impacts across all sections of our society, from scientists who study the mechanisms underlying it, to businesses and policy makers who must deal with its effects and take remedial action. A factual understanding of climate, the components that go to make it up, and how climate has varied in the past, is essential for any person working in the climate change area. This specialisation will introduce students to the concept of climate, our understanding of how it works, and how it has changed through time. It will give students a critical understanding of current environmental concerns and debates about the greenhouse effect and climate change, and the science behind greenhouse gas accounting and potential effects on biota. Students completing the specialisation will be well positioned to make informed business decisions about greenhouse gas emissions and abatement.


Campus Mode Advice
Hawkesbury Campus Internal Dr Sebastian Holmes

Major Structure

Students must complete 8 subjects as follows.

Subject Title Credit Points
Level 1
CHEM 1008Introductory Chemistry10
BIOS 1001Biodiversity10
Level 2
EART 2001Climate Change Science10
ENVL 2006Environmental Planning and Climate Change10
BIOS 2008Ecology10
Level 3
EART 3001Biological Adaptation to Climate Change10
BIOS 3013Ecosystem Carbon Accounting10
ENVL 3003Environmental Risk Management10
Total Credit Points80

Equivalent Subjects

The subjects listed below count towards completion of this major for students who passed these subjects in 2020 or earlier.

PUBH 2007 Environmental Planning and Climate Change, replaced by ENVL 2006 Environmental Planning and Climate Change