Humanitarian Preparedness and Response, Major (0094)

  • Western Sydney University Major Code: 0094

Previous Code: M1095.1

Available to students in other Western Sydney University programs?  No

This major is restricted to students enrolled in programs Bachelor of Humanitarian and Development Studies, Bachelor of Tourism Management and Diploma in Social Science/Bachelor of Humanitarian and Development Studies. This is an alternate Major program that prepares students with knowledge and skills to critically evaluate and assess social processes, policies, and practices, and articulate the place of humanitarian relief and development assistance. This is achieved through a set of subjects specifically tailored towards Humanitarian Preparedness and Response, providing students with the opportunity to apply skills and knowledge acquired during the first two years of their degree in a ‘real world’ setting through the Social Sciences International Placement suite of subjects. The international placement opportunity requires students to obtain a medical clearance, and a Working with Children check for certain organisations.


Campus Mode Advice
Parramatta Campus - Victoria Road Internal Dr Melissa Phillips
Penrith Campus Internal Dr Melissa Phillips

Major Structure

Students must complete the 100 credit point major as listed in the recommended sequence below.

Recommend Sequence

Plan of Study Grid
Year 1
Autumn sessionCredit Points
HUMN 1028 Human Rights, Peace and Development 10
 Credit Points10
Spring session
POLI 1007 World Politics and International Relations 10
 Credit Points10
Year 2
Autumn session
HUMN 2017 Complex Emergencies and International Guidelines 10
 Credit Points10
Spring session
HUMN 2022 Emergency Field Operations: Supply Management and Logistics 10
BUSM 3082 Project Management in Humanitarian and Development Studies 10
 Credit Points20
Year 3
Autumn session
HUMN 3068 Public Health Response in Complex Emergencies 10
 Credit Points10
2H session
HUMN 3100 Social Sciences International Placement (1): Preparation for Placement 10
HUMN 3101 Social Sciences International Placement (II): Placement 20
 Credit Points30
Summer A session
HUMN 3102 Social Sciences International Placement (III): Post-placement Reflections 10
 Credit Points10
 Total Credit Points100

Equivalent Major Subjects

The subject listed below count towards completion of the major for students who may have passed this subject in 2022 or earlier.

POLI1002 - Introduction to International Relations, replaced by POLI 1007 World Politics and International Relations

BUSM 2043 Project Management in Humanitarian and Development Studies, replaced by BUSM 3082 Project Management in Humanitarian and Development Studies

The major subjects listed below count towards completion of this major for students who passed this subject in 2018 or earlier.

BUSM 2022 - Human Resource Development
HUMN 3073 - Social Sciences International Placement