ENVL 2010 Conservation Priorities and Process

Credit Points 10

Description Conservation Priorities and Practice examines the procedures involved in real world conservation interventions and their impact on biodiversity. You will develop the skills to assess the threatened status of species and ecosystems, and how decisions are made to prioritise resource allocation. You will be encouraged to think about conservation recovery plans in state, national, and international policy and governance frameworks. You will assess how conservation outcomes are managed on different land holdings such as private land including on farms (agroecology) and how biodiversity offsetting is applied. You will build a cross-disciplinary awareness of biodiversity conservation practices and how to engage with diverse interest groups.

School Science

Student Contribution Band HECS Band 2 10cp

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Level Undergraduate Level 2 subject



Learning Outcomes

  1. Analyse conservation assessments and recovery plans for species and ecosystems.
  2. Explain the practical implications of Australian conservation legislation.
  3. Assess decision science tools in order to assign conservation priorities.
  4. Critically analyse how conservation projects are conducted on different land holdings including the application of biodiversity offsetting
  5. Propose strategies to engage a broad range of interest groups, including government agencies, Non-Government Organisation’s (NGO’s) and indigenous and community groups, with conservation projects.

Subject Content

  1. Threatened species and ecosystem identification and prioritization.
  2. Conservation assessment mechanisms at state, commonwealth and international levels for species and ecosystems. 
  3. Application of management for the conservation of threatened species and ecosystems, including biodiversity offsetting
  4. Conservation strategies for stakeholders on different types of land holdings

Prescribed Texts

Rights of nature : a re-examination D. P. Corrigan ed 2021 Routledge, ISBN : 1000386139
Garnett et al 2018 Recovering Australian Threatened Species: A Book of Hope CSIRO Publishing

Teaching Periods