CULT 5001 Organised Crime and Criminal Organisations

Credit Points 10

Description Organised crime generates serious individual and collective social harm, and poses threat to both national, regional and international security. It challenges states, exploits individuals, pursues profit, wrecks economies, destroys civil society, and ultimately weakens democracy. This subject explores the emergence and growth of various types of organised crime and criminal organisations over the world from critical and inter-disciplinary perspectives. It also equips students with critical understanding of the nature and operation of various organised crime and criminal organisations, as well as their growing portfolio of illicit activities across borders and its impact on national and global security. While considering the security threat organised crime and criminal organisations pose at national and global level, this subject aims at nurturing students ability to develop a wholistic, humanistic, and just policies to prevent and control organised crime - not just stepping up policing and securities measures.

School Social Sciences

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Level Postgraduate Coursework Level 5 subject

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