Music for Secondary Teaching, Major (0140)

  • Western Sydney University Major Code: 0140

Previous Code: M1130.1

Available to students in other Western Sydney University programs?  No

The major, Music for Secondary Teaching, fulfils the NESA requirements to teach music in secondary schools. It offers students experience in composition, musicology (Western art music history) and performance. It covers a range of musical styles, periods and genres with a strong component of contemporary music and Western art music. An audition is a pre-requisite for the first performance subject, and entry into Songwriting and Music Theory assumes a working knowledge of music notation theory, assessable through a screening test. These music subjects are only available at the Penrith campus.


Campus Mode Advice
Penrith Campus Internal Clare Maclean

Special Requirement

Students undertaking this major will be selected by one of three methods:

1. Attain an HSC Music result in band 4 or above. No audition is required.

2. Hold the following AMEB or equivalent (e.g. Trinity College) qualification:

  • a. PASS standard (minimum) of 6th Grade Performance (instrument or voice) AND
  • b. PASS standard (minimum) of 4th Grade musicianship and/or theory.

No audition is required.

3. Attend an audition in person as a performer and/or composer. Applicants applying as a composer will need to bring recordings and/or scores of original compositions to the audition. After applying to UAC or Directly to Western applicants are required to book an audition online.

Online audition booking system

If not auditioning, applicants will need to upload their supporting documentation (e.g. AMEB certificates demonstrating level of achievement in performance and musicianship and/or music theory).

Major Structure

Note: Students must sit a screening test prior to enrolling in subject  PERF 1024 Music Theory and Songwriting or perform an audition prior to enrolling in subjects PERF 1010 Music Performance 1 or  PERF 1012 Music Performance 2 .

Plan of Study Grid
Year 1
Autumn sessionCredit Points
PERF 1023 Western Art Music History 10
Select one of the following: 10
Music Theory Fundamentals  
Music Theory and Songwriting  
Select one of the following: 10
Music Performance 1  
Music Performance 2  
 Credit Points30
Year 2
Autumn session
PERF 2004 Composition and Creativity 10
PERF 2016 Music Group Performance 10
 Credit Points20
Year 3
Autumn session
PERF 3028 Expanded Performance 10
Select one of the following: 10
Music Research Methods  
Intercultural Music Project  
 Credit Points20
Spring session
PERF 3030 Performing as a Professional Musician 10
 Credit Points10
 Total Credit Points80

Equivalent Subjects

The subjects listed below count towards completion of this major for students who passed these subjects in 2021 or earlier.

PERF 3027 Interactive Electronic Media and Performance, replaced by PERF 3028 Expanded Performance

PERF 3026 Applied Professional Music Contexts, replaced by PERF 3029 Intercultural Music Project

PERF 3021 Repertoire and Identity in Performance, replaced by PERF 3030 Performing as a Professional Musician