JUST 2008 Land Law

Credit Points 10

Legacy Code 200599

Coordinator Michael Iacono Opens in new window

Description Land Law seeks to give students an understanding and appreciation of the main legal concepts concerning property and interests in land, and of some of the technical rules used in land law, in a way which will be relevant to students development as property professionals. Students who successfully complete this subject will be familiar with and understand the main concepts of land law, be able to relate these concepts one to the other and to the practice of the property profession, and be familiar with the legal terminology relating to these concepts.

School Law

Discipline Legal Studies

Student Contribution Band HECS Band 4 10cp

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Level Undergraduate Level 2 subject

Equivalent Subjects LGYB 9941 - Land Law

Restrictions External offerings for this subject are only available to students who are enrolled in a Property program or field of study.

Assumed Knowledge

200184 - Introduction to Business Law.

Learning Outcomes

On successful completion of this subject, students should be able to:
  1. Demonstrate an understanding of the history and the legal principles that relate to property and interests in land.
  2. Identify and explain the legal issues that arise in practical problems involving property rights, leasing, ownership and transfer of land.
  3. Apply legal principles to practical problems involving property rights, leasing, ownership and transfer of land.
  4. Write effectively and appropriately, displaying clear and logical structure and using accurate grammar and punctuation.

Subject Content

- fundamental concepts of land Law
- interests in land
- introduction to Torrens title
- rights to airspace, boundaries, fixtures, encroachments
- leases
- native titles
- co-ownership
- Easements, restrictive covenants.

Prescribed Texts

  • Peter Butt, Land Law (Thomson Reuters, 6th ed, 2010)

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