BUSM 7098 Tourism Management

Credit Points 10

Legacy Code 200839

Coordinator Tendai Chikweche Opens in new window

Description This subject considers concepts of tourism management and explores the structure of tourism from a systems approach across an Australian and international context. Consideration is given to the tourist motivation to explore why tourism is undertaken, ranging from the traditional to special interest. The objectives and benefits/risks are considered from each stakeholder's perspective where stakeholders may include relevant government organisations, tour operations, consumers, and service providers throughout the Tourism Supply Chain. Planning of the tourist experience is also explored to provide an improved understanding and management of tourists

School Business

Discipline Tourism Management

Student Contribution Band HECS Band 4 10cp

Level Postgraduate Coursework Level 7 subject


Students must be enrolled in a postgraduate Business program.

Learning Outcomes

On successful completion of this subject, students should be able to:

  1. Critically examine the tourist experience;
  2. Analyse tourism as a system and its impact on regions within which it exists;
  3. Develop a sustainable tourist experience which considers the various tourist stakeholders;
  4. Evaluate and analyse a tourism supply chain;
  5. Define and critique the latest in tourism trends.

Subject Content

1. History of tourism and tourism management within society
2. Trends in tourism including sustainable business practices, and special interest tourism
3. Stakeholder considerations as a consequence of tourism
4. Exploring the components of the tourism supply chain
5. Planning tourism experiences and understanding the tourist motivation
6. Social, business and environmental factors driving the tourism industry internationally, nationally and locally
7. Tourism as a partially industrialised system
8. Trends in tourism
9. Tourism as a system

Prescribed Texts

  • Compiled readings

Teaching Periods

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